domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Style Icon: #2 Mary-Kate Olsen

The penultimate winner of my style icon title has to be, no other than, Mary-Kate Olsen. I remember watching her show " Two of a Kind" in fits laughter, begging my Mum to buy their really cool fridge (I was a weird child) and reading all their books wishing I was a twin... Now she's all grown up and I'm still jealous. Why? because she doesn't look like your average "each strand of hair must be in place" celebrity, all her outfits seem effortless and have that wear-ability factor.

I also really admire her for pushing through some incredibly tough times. Mary-Kate and her sister have faced a long battle with anorexia and I'm not too sure if they have fully beaten it yet. If the eating disorder wasn't enough, she also found Heath Ledger, a good friend of hers, dead in his apartment, I can only imagine how traumatic that must of been... One thing's for sure, she's a fighter. 

Lots of Love,

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