lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

But when the stars are the only thing we share, will you be there?

Hey everyone, 

I had four lessons today so it seemed practical to dress for comfort. I don't know about you but I just can't stand sitting for a long time whilst wearing restricting clothing, baggy tops all the way. Horizontal stripes are a must for me at the moment, although they make you seem wider there's something really classy yet relaxed about them. It's probably because of the French, they've always been stereotypically stylish and stripes are  just classically French (viva la France!). In terms of colour scheme, navy and beige is one of my favourite combinations, it's not too out there and really works in the transition from winter to spring.

Top: Thrifted
Cardigan: Thrifted
Belt: Timberland
Trousers: Zara
Scarf: Christian Dior (ma mammas got style)
Hat: Primark


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