martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

I confess I wasn't perfect but you're old enough to know

Don't worry I'm not a moody cow! A friend of mine pointed out that I've yet to smile in my  pictures, you must all think I'm miserable! But don't fret, all is well, I just got a bit carried away with the grumpy grunge vibe. 

On another note, today we had an R.E conference on abortion. It was all very heated and brought to light a few things. Did you know that a feotus has a heartbeat at 4 weeks, yet legally you can have an abortion at anytime prior to 24 weeks? It's a nasty thought, still, even though I am more pro-life than pro-choice I have to admit it would be really difficult to keep a child at the tender age of 17... Sorry about going all deep on you but I feel it's a topic we generally put to the side when we shouldn't. I mean do you agree with the law that the father doesn't even have the right to be TOLD about the baby? Or that disabled babies can be aborted after birth? It's shocking. So in essence, it would be cool if you read up about it, just to see how messed up some of the abortion laws are. 

One of my closest friends, Balley (or Becky formally) actually raises similarly heated topics on her blog. She's really analytic -just like me- so her posts are always well thought out and generally, a really good read. You should definitely check her out!

Cardigan: Primark
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Tights: not going to bother with this one in the future... ASDA 
Shoes: Newlook
Coat: Newlook

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