viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Disney's a Dick

As a child I was a dreamer,
but it was always the same dream. 
I dreamt of a guy. 
He was edgy, cool, deep. 
Everything I would ever need. 

As a teen, I met my dream, 
I had to stop in my tracks
as he gazed at me, Dumb struck.
We both new.
This was it.

Months passed 
 but we'd always tread carefully, 
scared to pierce the veneer.
One touch and it would be over...
but needs took over.

So he leaned in
and we kissed.
"Where are the fireworks?" I thought
but I ignored it. 

As an adult, I know I let him win, 
I let him walk away
with my pride in one hand,
my heart in the other.

Honestly, I don't miss him
but I do miss my naivety. 
Because now I know the truth, 
frogs come in Prince like packages
and most dreams are crushed.

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