viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

There is a road to happiness we just haven't found it yet

I saw this dress in the window of my local boutique and automatically fell in love. The shape is so feminine and rather flattering, plus tartans a winter trend that comes round every year, sold! The dress reminded me of one I saw Lucy from "The Only Way is Essex" wear, she looked absolutely gorgeous. 

Feeling rather ill so I came home from school early, the rest of the days been full of napping and catching up on "Skins". I guess, everyone needs a bit of 'me' time now and again. 

Coat: New Look
Dress: Boutique
Tights: ASDA
Shoes: New Look Sale
Earring: Boutique
Belt: Hand me down

Love you lots,

Ps. Have a good weekend!

2 comentarios:

  1. Your coat is gorgeous, New look had some really nice ones in for winter. Lovely outfit :)

    1. cheers Laura :). I know right, I was spoilt for choice! xxx