viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Road trip baby!

Hola peeps!

Just to fill you in on the past few days, I thought I'd put in a few pictures. It was the first time we'd gone away without having to use public transport or our parents (they call themselves unpaid taxi drivers) and it was so nice to feel independent! We had the top down cruising along the country lanes, movie star style, which was actually my first time in a convertible! I would definitely recommend it if you need more voluminousness locks. Of course no "grown up" weekend away would be fully lived without a few childish activities, we went to this really quaint garden centre to see the animals , especially the cute little bunnies and to the park to fly accross the ever so scary zip wire. Overall a rather fun, relaxed week. How were your half-terms, did you get up to anything exciting?


2 comentarios:

  1. i can't wait till myself or one of my friends is old enough to drive so we can have a road trip! awh, i love that you went to the park :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

    1. haa, not going to lie it's an experience! but don't worry about it, fuel prices are enough to put you off the idea! xxx