viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Portfolio Photographs

Hello everybody! 

A few months ago I needed to swiftly construct my portfolio for university. I had ten pieces of "good quality" work when I needed 20. I think you can see the predicament I was in. Of course my lovely best friends were quick to jump to the post. I had the idea of constructing outfits that would completely transform them and taking corresponding photographs (I'm taking Fashion Communication you see).We made a day of it, I dressed them all up and had a mini photo shoot. It was actually really fun and my friends quickly got into their characters! I'd definitely suggest having a go!

The Grunge Look: 

The Vintage Look:

The Androgynous Look: 

These were the best shots (well in my humble opinion). Hope you like them! 

Today was non-school uniform day with a cops and robbers theme (well you wouldn't have guessed!). I was the only person who went all out, swag bag and all. Everyone else seemed to think the "undercover cop" was the ultimate costume. I just don't understand it, you'd think people would jump at the chance to dress up, hang loose and be someone else for the day but no. It seems we've lost touch with our inner-childs  or maybe it's just a distaste for fancy dress, who knows? Oh well, I love dressing up and if I'm the only one in a funky number next Halloween so. be. it. 

Lots of love, 

Ps. Have a good half term!

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