viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012


Today a really serious topic regrettably came to my attention; racism. In my opinion it's ridiculous and if anyone uses the race card in an effort to belittle others they are only unmasking their own ignorance. 

A persons ethnicity has absolutely no impact on the way they handle situations or choose to act. It's purely the way they were brought up and their past experiences. Yes we naturally make generalizations but that does not mean we should use these "stereotypes" to produce negative stigma or even hatred towards a certain group. You may have seen a couple of white people wearing tracksuits and starting fights but that does not mean every white person on the planet is a thug. See how stupid that is? So why even bother to use another persons race as a criticism? 

If anything the racism I saw today showed just how silly it all is. A Spanish woman had the audacity to complain about  my friends driving and considering she was a new driver it was rather stupid.What do you expect from someone who hasn't had that much experience? But she approached us calmly, no yelling or even aggressive body language, she merely spoke her mind. Although I do not agree with the comments she made, I do respect her for the way she tackled the situation. 

Much to my dismay she was still open to racial prejudice and it sickened me. Yes she had an accent, yes she wasn't English but does that mean she should be stunned into silence? Does that mean she should be mocked? No, she's a human being with manners, race doesn't have anything to do with it. 

And to be quite frank, even if she yelled and threw her fists in the air she could have easily have been a white woman, maybe even a black woman. There is absolutely no cultural code that states every single person who acts rudely is from a certain race. Race has nothing to do with it. 

No one should be ashamed about where they come from and I'm not trying to suggest that. But do you think people CHOOSE where they're from? Do you think there is some sort of SIMS character selection process before birth? There bloody well isn't. And people should not be made to feel insecure because of something they cannot handle. I have heard about a little girl trying to cut her skin off because of taunts for being black. She felt so ASHAMED of her skin colour, she risked bleeding to death to change it. Over something she did not choose and cannot change. She was treated terribly, as though she was being a horrible person but no, she was merely born.

I did not make this post to offend people or cause any sort of debate. I just wanted to make people think. Think before you negatively generalize. Think before you offend someone for something out of their control. Think before speak.

May there be peace on earth (tehe),

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