viernes, 13 de abril de 2012

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional

Above is a Chili Davis quote, he wasn't an oracle or anything, merely a famous baseball player but his words seem fitting considering what I'm about to talk about. The quote is basically stating (excuse the obvious) that maturing prematurely is a choice; in terms of my interpretation, it's a choice not only made by yourself, but by your parents.

I was around a friends house yesterday, casually browsing the web when we came across some rather striking images of Chloe Moretz, you may recognise her as the bad ass girl from the awesome film, 'Superbad'.

At the age of 15 she walked down the catwalk looking glamorous and sexualised:

Without knowing her real age I would guess she was around 18/20 years old in these pictures, considering the smokey make up look and the false eye lashes, which beacons a question, is it just me or is the whole concept of sexualising a girl so young disturbing? As my friend and I continued to browse she informed me of a more shocking case, a 10 year old Vogue model (I apologise for any discomfort you may feel viewing the following images)

I'm not quite sure what French Vogue wants you to think looking at a topless picture of a ten year old, are we supposed to be in awe, or envious of her youthful beauty? Because all I can muster is unease and pity for Thylane Loubry Blodeau. Maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental considering it is her parents choice but she's been robbed of her childhood so young. At that age I threw on anything at random and hit the park to play with my peers, but she spends her days being promoted as a sexual image...

I doubt this will produce a groundswell of outrage but arrghh. I just hope this obsession with youth doesn't go any further.


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