viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2011

Style Icon: #6 Peaches Geldoff

Although she may be a little controversial, she always depicts wearable fashion. She doesn't go to "gaga"at events but she still sets new trends, I'm convinced she put the beanie back in fashion and that's been frequently featured in my wardrobe. Here I have featured two pictures that really convey what I mean. So what do you think? Is she one of your style icons, or am I completely alone on this one? 

Today I have been majorly procrastinating! I know my exams are really, really soon and I haven't even started my portfolio but every time I peak at the computer, blogspot and facebook just seem so much more entertaining. Any tips? I really need to get on it! I am still in my pj's as well so unless you want to see bedroom chique I think I'll save the outfit of the day for tomorrow. Hope you're all enjoying your penultimate day of the year. 

Till next time! 

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